Flat Earth Frequently Asked Questions 

 1) Q. Is this a joke? Do you actually believe the earth is flat?

A. No, this is not a joke.  Yes, we really believe the earth is flat. Why? Because there is undeniable evidence to show we live on a flat plane and not on a spinning ball. We’ve spent countless hours researching it and we believe we have been lied to about where we actually live. EVERYTHING we see and experience is BECAUSE we live on a flat plane and NOT a spinning ball. Research it before you reject something you don’t understand.

2) Q. If the earth is flat, wouldn’t you fall off the edge? 
A. No, so far no one has been far enough to fall off an edge if there is one. The continents are in the center surrounded by vast oceans. Surrounding the whole flat earth 360 degrees is the Antarctic ice wall, hundreds of feet high. It is endless and goes on for thousands of miles. It holds all the oceans in. There are documented accounts of people traveling along the ice wall for thousands of miles without seeing any inlet. 
If you travel in any direction on your continent you will come to the ocean. Then you would have to get in a boat and travel south to the ice wall, then you would have to trek for who know how far along the ice wall to the “edge”. No one knows how far it is because no one is allowed to freely explore thanks to the Antarctic Treaty and military protection of Antarctica. What are they hiding?

Flat Earth: The South Pole Does Not Exist

3) Q. If the earth was flat, then wouldn’t the sun light up the whole earth at once? You could not have day and night on flat earth. 

A. The sun is actually much smaller and closer then we are told. The sun rotates around and above the flat earth creating day and night. And because of the vastness of earth and vanishing points, you can’t see the sun when it is on the other end of flat earth. You can clearly see here how the sun’s rotation around the flat earth fits into real life time zones and sunsets and sunrises:

Flat Earth Sunsets and Timezones

 Flat Earth Animation: 
4) Q. If the earth is flat, why does the sun “go down” and appear to rise and set?

A. “Although the Sun is at all times above and parallel to the Earth’s surface, he appears to ascend the firmament from morning until noon, and to descend and sink below the horizon at evening. This arises from a simple and everywhere visible law of perspective. A flock of birds, when passing over a flat or marshy country, always appears to descend as it recedes; and if the flock is extensive, the first bird appears lower, or nearer to the horizon than the last. The farthest light in a row of lamps appears the lowest, although each one has the same altitude. Bearing these phenomena in mind, it will easily be seen how the Sun, although always parallel to the surface of the Earth, must appear to ascend when approaching, and descend after leaving the meridian or noon-day position.” -Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, “Earth Not a Globe, 2nd Edition” 

Vanishing points and Perspective on the Flat Earth

Time Lapse of the Sun Proves Flat Earth


5) Q. Why can’t you see the edge from a plane? Why can’t we see Africa or Engand if it’s Flat?

A. We can’t see forever on the flat plane, therefore we can’t see anything that is beyond the vanishing point on the horizon. Our vision makes everything converge into a vanishing point. So eventually the horizon converges and we only see a flat horizon that extends far beyond our sight. That is also why boats seem to disappear on the ocean bottom first. They are blending in with the convergence line. But if you zoom in they reappear. This couldn’t happen if they had gone over the curve. 

The atmosphere and clouds keep us from seeing forever too.

Red Boat Reappears in Zoom: Flat Earth Proof  


6) Q. What’s underneath the flat earth? What is it on? Is it just a disc floating in space?

A. The flat earth is not moving nor is it riding on a turtles back. It is  also not a disc floating in space. It is a flat earth set on a firm foundation, set on pillars just like the Bible describes it. 

1 Samuel 2:8…the pillars of the earth are the Lord’s, and he hath set the world upon them.

2 Samuel 22:16: And the channels of the sea appeared, the foundations of the world were discovered, at the rebuking of the Lord, at the blast of the breath of his nostrils.
1 Chronicles 16:30: Fear before him, all the earth: the world also shall be stable, that it be not moved. 
Psalm 18:15: Then the channels of waters were seen, and the foundations of the world were discovered at thy rebuke, O Lord, at the blast of the breath of thy nostrils.

Psalm 75:3: The earth and all the inhabitants thereof are dissolved: I bear up the pillars of it

Psalm 93:1: The Lord reigneth, he is clothed with majesty; the Lord is clothed with strength, wherewith he hath girded himself: the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved.

The Bible also describes the fountains of the deep and the foundations being set on the deep. It says also that God established the natural boundaries of the earth when he made its foundations.

Proverbs 8:

27 When he prepared the heavens, I was there: when he set a compass upon the face of the depth:

28 When he established the clouds above: when he strengthened the fountains of the deep:

29 When he gave to the sea his decree, that the waters should not pass his commandment: when he appointed the foundations of the earth:

Density is responsible for the natural boundaries of our world. Could there be a very dense ocean under the flat earth that the foundations are set upon?  This video shows what may be that boundary at the bottom of the ocean.

7) Q. Can you explain to me how GPS works or satellite TV?

A. Satellites do not exist in the sense that they orbit the ball earth. Have you ever wondered why there never any damaged or fallen satellites? And why there are no satellite malfunctions due to constant heating and cooling? It’s weird they don’t melt in the thermosphere that’s over 2000°f… Did you know there are thousands of miles of fiber optic cables under the sea bed that supplies 90% of the earths communication (internet phones etc.) and GPS works off of cell phone towers. It’s called triangulation. Haven’t you seen those super tall towers and wondered what they are? Satellite TV is just enhanced radio using ground based towers. It’s all ground based. Just like the old TV antenna. 



Flat Earth: Proof GPS Satellites Do Not Exist

Fake Satellites and NASA CGI Planets

8) Q. Why would they lie to us about the shape of the earth?

A. The number one reason is a Biblical and gospel related reason. The ball earth is the foundation for evolution and the Big Bang, which both put God completely out of the picture. If the world is run by the Satanic elite (which it is), then their primary goal would be to discredit and hide God, making us believe He doesn’t exist. In order for evolution to work it needs the Big Bang and the Big Bang needs outer space and the vast nothingness and the planets and galaxies and the giant sun and hurtling through space. 
The globe earth is the foundation for Atheism, the Big Bang, evolution, the New World Order, the alien deception, many false religions, and Satanic control. So if Satan hides God through his deceptions then he can convince people there is no God. He wants to be God himself. Without the globe earth lie, all of Satan’s deception are blown out of the water. 
The next reasons are those of the Elite. Their goals are power, money, and the New World Order. This is much easier accomplished if people believe they are in a chaotic universe with no God and our world is in the hands of the government. 

The flat earth reveals these amazing truths:
1. We were created. What other explanation is there for a perfect flat earth inside a dome…a large terrarium…then that is was designed and created by something much bigger than ourselves. Then people would start questioning who this Creator was and how important we really are. We are the center of God’s creation!

2. The flat earth puts everyone on a level plane. We are highly valuable and we all live together in this domes earth. We are all important, created, and valuable.

3. We all own this flat earth. Why are we allowing these rich elite to control us and do as they please, softly killing us and taking away our God-given freedoms?!


9) Q. What about the Coriolis affect? Doesn’t the Coriolis affect prove the earth is spinning?
A. The Coriolis Effect is a myth. It’s never calculated for anything other than bullets. If the earth was really spinning then everything that flies would have to take it into affect bit they do not. Even long range snipers don’t use it! The non-movement of the earth has already been proven. 

The Coriolis Effect Proves the Flat Earth

10) Q. How do you explain the seasons on a flat earth? 
A. The sun is close and small and circles around and above the flat earth in a spiral pattern on the Tropic of Cancer in the Northern Summer months, and then down to the Tropic of Capricorn in the Northern Winter Months. So when the sun is further away from the North Pole, it’s winter in the north and summer in the south.

How the four seasons work on flat earth:

11) Q. If the earth is flat then why is the sun and moon round and why are all the other planet round?

A. The simple answer is, because God made it that way. In Genesis 1:13-19 it describes God creating the earth and placing the sun and moon in the firmament: in our atmosphere as lights for day and night. They are round lights set over the flat earth. 

The planets are also not what we have been told. Planets are only wandering stars. What NASA shows you are just Computer Graphic Images (CGI). Here are real images of stars and planets:

Real Stars and Planets

12) Q. What about gravity? How do you explain things falling on a flat earth without gravity?

A. No one said you don’t fall. That doesn’t mean that the reason WHY you fall is because of some mysterious force that has never been proven or explained by any scientist in 500 years. Density and buoyancy explain the natural order of things. You are denser than air, so you fall.

Gravity is the theory of why things fall. It’s a false theory with many inconsistencies. Things do not fall because of some magical force but because of density. You’re phone is denser than the air therefore it falls when you drop it. Everything works because of density. Why can clouds filled with thousands of gallons of water float if gravity pushes everything toward earth? How can a helium ballon float above a massive ocean sticking to a spinning ball? Density and mass. It’s that simple. You are denser than air so you fall. No magical force needed. 
Flat Earth and the Gravity Delusion
 Gravity is Just Density on Flat Earth

Gravity is a Hoax


The Satanic Hidden Agenda of NASA and the True Flat Earth

Top Ten Undeniable Flat Earth Proofs

60 Bible Verses Describing a Flat Earth Inside a Dome
Introduction to the Flat Earth, How It Works, and Why We Believe it


56 thoughts on “Flat Earth Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. I am not closed minded anymore.

    I can’t right off the flat earth without examining all of the claims, this had some very good info.

    This Blog really should respond to the video of the teenager who floated a camera into space.. he claims to have filmed the curvature of the earth, but the video does show remarkable images looking pretty flat.

    Article from the daily mail on it from 2012, search teenager floats camera into space to prove curvature of earth.

    A response would be insightful!


  2. I still want to know why if I drive my car from Texas to California, then take a boat to japan, then trek across russia, then through Europe, then back to the great U.S. of A. all the way back to Texas; why did I not fall off the edge of the earth


      1. Please draw a circle on an a flat earth image. My friends don’t believe me and ask this same question. Proof would help!


    1. The edge is southward, not west/east. You were going in a giant circle with the north pole at the center. The earth is like a record. The trek you described is curved because you are keeping relative to the north, as though you are following a groove on the surface of a record.


    2. I see your point, but if you are probably thinking about how the earth is show on a Round map, looking at the flat earth map you are going in a circle and don’t fall. I hope this makes sense, i’m not the best at expelling things.


  3. Fascinating. But the sun stays the same size across the sky as it moves, whether it’s low or high in the sky, as does the moon. (You can test this by holding your thumb out to it.) If the sun were small, it would get larger and smaller as it moved closer and farther from the city you were in. But the sun and moon don’t get smaller as they get farther away — they just rise or set.


  4. Why does most of your “information” regarding the existence of the South Pole (a very significant point which would destroy your “flat earth theory”) not examine anything from the 20th Century?

    Have you ever heard of the Hercules Inlet?

    The problem, here, is that there is still far too much evidence that the world is more spherical than flat.


    1. Like what? What proof besides manipulated images by govts we can’t trust do u have its a globe? Do u even feel like your sticking to a ball spinning 1000mph??


  5. I keep seeing “research it” but a lot of the research I have found are opinion articles, satirical articles, Wikipedia, animated youtube videos and the Bible. None of this is irrefutable evidence. Please recommend some irrefutable evidence to me. I want to know, I just want it to come from something more solid than what I’ve seen so far. Thanks


    1. THANK YOU,

      With all respect, i have a few questions:

      How would air not fall off the earth because in space it’s a vacuum

      How does venus and other planets fit in?

      What makes those things follow a certain path?

      Why can I see other planets being round (I see different sides of planets every now and then) this can only be when it is a spherical shape.

      Why can’t people go off the edge? Because people are protecting it, but don’t you think that that would take an incredible amount of people to protect all of it? And that it would be leaked by now? This is the internet (I’m not saying that this is impossible)

      Why is the suns size almost exactly the same in the sky when objects closer to you are bigger than objects further away.

      How are black holes a thing?

      Why do many articles say: research it, if every article says that, there is no proof then. Also, might I add, more often than not the articles are some opinion based “brainwashed” or “see: NASA brainwashed you” exept with coming with actual answers…


  6. I like what im hearing and researching but i have a question…

    what are comets and asteroids ? where do they come from ? above the firmament ?


  7. At first I honestly thought I would get a good laugh out of this, but after reading it I am amazed!!! I have one question though and would love a reply! If you left one side of the usa and went directly straight, how would you end up on the other side of the usa if the world isn’t round? Thanks for posting this! It definitely opened up my eyes to a new perspective.


    1. You’re welcome and I’m so glad you are opening your mind to this because I believe it is one of the most beautiful and important truths of our time. We are the center of God’s creation and we are valuable and the Bible is true and accurate. In regards to your question, you just need to look at a flat earth map. The continents are still the same. You can still travel from one end of a continent to another and “around the earth” but you are just circumnavigating on a flat surface. The North Pole is the magnetic center that everything revolves around. No matter where you go, a compass will point towards the North Pole. Heres a Video describing the sun’s circumnavigation around the flat earth. This is also how travel would work. Keep researching and learning and visit us on Facebook. God bless!


      1. You didn’t answer the question. If you left New York and travelled at a 90 degree angle west, on a curved earth you’d arrive at a point at the same latitude.
        On a flat earth, the latitude point arrived at would be lower.
        You can try it on your own map.

        Furthermore, as your conspiracy now includes anyone who has a sea going boat or works at sea in any capacity in any country – as longitude and latitude don’t work on a flat earth – how have they either all been co-opted into the conspiracy?


  8. This is Amazing , i was actually kinda started to be an atheist , after watching a lot of atheists talking about universe and all those planets and stars and stuff , but now i’m starting to realize something new and very much important , that actually will change my whole life for the best , no one will believe me for sure , they will say i’m the dumbest of the dumbest animal , but at least i’m satisfied with my self being open minded and trying to find the truth again , instead of just trying to solve the mystery of the earth by saying , there is a universe and we were an accident 😀
    Thanks a lot for giving us some good ideas .
    Keep up the good work.


  9. I like how things fall just because, no force needed, but if you are in a plane doing a free fall(because the plane is denser than air) if you dropped your phone inside that falling plane, it would float, appear weightless, but under the”no gravity” theory it should still fall down because it’s has more density than the air surrounding it, inside the plane.


    1. Where did you learn this fact? have you been in a free fall in a plane or know anyone who has?

      I’ve been told the same thing you have by the public school system. So Im just wondering if you’re reciting what you’ve been told or if you’ve done research on this????


  10. Why can’t I see an ice wall from the beach or ocean, it’s suppose to be so big and complete 360 degree enclosure, there would be no vanishing point on something as wide as the entire horizon while looking at it from a flat plane


  11. I’ve also have totally seen the international space station in orbit, the light from naked eye, the actual iss from telescope


  12. The horizon appears flat because you can’t notice such a minute amount of curve with the naked eye, it only appears flat, just to parallel objects over distance appear to converge.


  13. I have been a flat earther for just a few days and my friend also. Thanks to this site and many (mostly) helpful clips on Youtube etc I feel like most of my big questions have been answered. As a bible beleiving Christian I have taken His Word at face value – except for this one area. I just assumed the ancients were ignorant and didn’t have the technology to prove anything other than a flat earth but now I see NASA and their lies for what they are and feel sad that I rejected God’s word without questioning it for myself. Imagine ariving in Heaven and finding out you’ve lived you whole life beleiving the lies of ‘scientists’ rather than His Word! As Jesus said to Thomas – better is he who has not seen and believed. It’s good to use our minds and to explore the wonders of earth and the heavens but let’s also remember that there will be things we will never know and entrust those to God.


  14. This is great, as the revolutionary critical thinking one is allowed to do on all “Facts” and ‘knowledge” feed us by.. Authorities or Rulers, those kingly elites have the tendency to keep the common man in ignorance or deceit. Really their sticking atmosphere in perfect sync with the surface.. all the way up to these GEO satellites in almost vacuum land.. and curving waters no science lab can produce with induced Gravity, now what ever happened to those gravitons?


  15. This is complete BS
    There are 10000 tourists visiting Antarctica every year, by boat and airplane.
    There are more than 70 scientific bases of more than 30 nations hosting 4000 people every year.
    There are also two companies which have seasonal camps in Antarctica that will bring you to the south pole by plane.


  16. Yes you can go to the edge of antarctic but you can’t go deeper into it’s territory because it’s military guarded. Thank you for the effort and great work you guys did. I feel the world is going through a great change. There is only one question to be answered and explained and is about stars in southern hemisphere. I’m looking forward to see that question answered. Wish you all the best.


    1. Antarctic is NOT military guarded, it is international territory and has various staions on it run but different countries. Anyone can go right to the South Pole which from your map would appear to be an endless line around a circle rather than a single point.


  17. I was almost convinced with the flat earth theory. However, the flat earther doesnt believe in satellite, this part doesnt convinced me at all.

    Im in Indonesia, and i love to watch channel from Mainland China and some other asian countries.

    The flat earther claimed that the satellite tv uses radio tower or phone tower.

    If that the case then i dont have to buy two or three satellite dishes if i want to watch tv channel from different satellites(countries).

    The fact is, when i want to watch chinese channel i need to set my satellite to certain angle, if let say i want to watch Taiwanese Tv Channel i need to set the satellite dish to another different angle. Even for my own country, if i wanna watch indonesian tv channel from Satellite dish then i have to set my satellite dish on another angle(degree).

    If the signal i got is totally from radio tower/phone tower then all i have to do is to point the satellite dish to one radio tower and done! I can watch chinese, taiwanese, indonesian channel all at one! But i cant!

    Therefore i still believe in satellite that orbit the earth. Because i cant receive tv channel from the USA or Europe because they orbit the other part of the earth (profing that earth is round or globe)


  18. If the earth was flat why can i go east from japan to California and not fall off? Lol a flat earth is ridiculous and the creators of this website need to do more research, hmm or look at the sky. How would we have time zones if the earth is flat.


  19. Could someone please supply a proof written by someone with a scientific background who then was converted to flat earth theory?

    The arguments I’m reading so far seem to lack basic scientific understanding of observable phenomena, I need stronger proof


    1. I shared today (Christmas day) your “60 Bible Verses describing a Flat Earth Inside a Dome” from you post on “Exposing the Rothschilds” and have just found that nobody can access this post even on my own Facebook page… Can somebody please tell me why any of my friends or anybody cannot access this information on my page,, and why you would want to have a shared link in the first place to such important infomation??
      Pissed off that this happened to me on such a special day…


  20. If earth is flat when why when i look at the stars they are always in differnet postions each night if earth does not spin. If there is no orbit around the sun why doesn’t earth just move around space all over the place.before the miltary was in the edge you would think somebody would go to edge and everybody would know earth was flat. How can i google my address from my house and see it on my phone if there were no satellites why do different parts of the world experience diffennt season at the same time if earth was flat wouldn’t earth be under one season


  21. Why is it exactly 4.7 kilometres or 2.9 miles to the horizon in any direction anywhere in the world? and once you go past that point you are not in direct line of site due to the earths curve?? Also how can it be night in one place and day in another? Also why can you fly east from Australia to Brazil then to Africa and still east back to Australia, or west in the opposite order? Use basic maths to confirm the length of time of the flights. Also this disproves Pythagoras theorem as using Trig he proved the earth was a sphere?? How come Large bodies of water everywhere in the world have the same curvature that correlates with Pythagorus Theorem. Are other planets flat or are we the only planet that is flat? If so why do the other planets always perfectly face earth?? Like FLATBOWLINGBALL Said the horizon appears flat as it is 4.7km away, (I know based on “Pythagorus” who cant be right if this is true) so should we have the ability to see the 1 metre drop without tools or measuring equipment??


  22. Hey, I like the work you’ve done, but there are a few things I don’t understand yet. These are serious questions and I would love an answer.

    Question 4 doesn’t get answered, “A flock of birds, when passing over a flat or marshy country, always appears to descend as it recedes; and if the flock is extensive, the first bird appears lower, or nearer to the horizon than the last.” A flock of bird will never go below the horizon like the sun does though, so how does sun disappear?

    Wouldn’t the sun look significantly bigger if you’re in a plane at 12km in the sky?

    How can you see about 5km ahead whilst standing on the ground but can see many many kms whilst in a plane?

    How come you can see the sun go down in a skyscraper, then quickly go down to ground floor and see it happen again? I’ve done this myself.

    I’ve seen sail boats disappear bottom first, and at some point you could only see the tip of their mast, I’m pretty sure zooming in wouldn’t make the entire boat reappear, right?

    If there’s water around earth, doesn’t technically make that a sphere?

    “We fall because we’re denser than air” What makes heavier objects go down? Isn’t that exactly what gravity does? It pulls on objects, and the heaviest get pulled the hardest, (some) buildings sinking into ground, cars into mud and so on.

    Also, when earth spins with 100 miles an hour, we don’t feel any wind because the wind is traveling with, like I have no problem walking around on a high speed train or even a plane.

    Why does water spin counter clockwise when draining in New Zealand and go clockwise in Europe? My Sister lives in New Zealand.

    I like to hear from you.



    1. If you measure two poles shadows with the same length but several miles apart from each other you can calculate the distance towards the sun, which is a lot further a disc world sun could allow. This was already done by the Ancient Greek, and discovered it is several million miles away. If earth is flat and the sun is that far there would never be night.

      So basically you can proof a spherical world by disproving the other.

      Not satisfied? If you make a 360 photo including the ground, calculate the total ground in relative term. Do the same thing at 10 and 50 miles higher, you’ll see that the total relative surface is not less in the beginning and then would get less quicker. This is only explainable by a curvature.

      “But that is not proof!” Fine, how about photographic proof? No, not accepted. All because we’re very special in this universe and all disproving this is made by the devil.


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