NO CURVE AT 114,824 ft. Amazing Flat Earth Balloon footage

 The only way it is possible for the horizon to rise to eye level at 114,824 (21 miles) is for the earth to be a flat plane. If earth was a ball you would have to look down further and further at the horizon as you ascended higher and higher. The horizon could never rise to eye level on a ball. It’s a BALL and the horizon continuously curves downward to the underside of the ball. 


Many NASA videos and other video from high altitudes show a dramatically curved earth. This is due to the use of fisheye lenses and Go Pro cameras. They use these on purpose to distort reality. 

Please watch and enjoy this balloon footage showing a completely flat horizon. This is our flat earth. It’s where you’ve been living this whole time. Where’s the curve?

Original video link


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