The Bible’s Truth and Accuracy vs. Satan’s “Global” Deceptions

The BIBLE is the infallible word of God. It is His message of love to a hurting world. (And the Media is Satan’s mouthpiece.) If you have any doubts on the Bible’s authenticity or you have been listening to the lies that it is just a bunch of stories copied by men, then please read the information here. Remember, we have an enemy that is a LIAR!! There are many deceptions! The BIBLE is NOT one of them! The DECEPTION IS the belief that the Bible is just a book and not the Word of God! THAT is the lie! The Bible is the most attacked and lied about book. Why? Because it is God’s word and Satan hates it!

Here are a few reasons to take the Bible seriously:

1. The Bible is full of prophecies that have accurately been fulfilled. One is the prophecy in Daniel. God gave Daniel a dream with a statue. Each part of the image represented a future kingdom of earth. Daniel was written hundreds of years before Christ, yet all the prophecies were accurately fulfilled in order. How is this possible unless God gave the prophecy? Only God knows the future. 


Accuracy of Bible Prophecy
2. The Bible is unique in preparation, circulation, translation, and preservation. The Bible was written over a period of 1,500 years by a great variety of men who were inspired of God. And yet the Bible is extremely cohesive and consistent in its teaching and truth. 


3. The evidence of a changed life is the most powerful testimony to the truth of the Bible. It has the power to take a wicked man and transform him into a loving, kind person. That is the power of God and the Bible is the word of God! Have you ever heard of the story of Harry Orchard? He was a hardened assassin who murderd the Governor of Idaho in 1905. When Orchard was on death row he was given a Bible. Through the reading of God’s Word he was converted and became so changed he didn’t even look like the same man. He was given life in prison instead and spent the rest of his 46 years giving Bible studies to the other inmates. From then on he was known for his kindness. This is only possible through the transformating power of God.

 The Harry Orchard Story: An Assassin Who Found God

The Bible is God’s Word and how He communicates His love and plan of Salvation to the world! The media and modern science, with all its immorality and lies, is Satan’s mouthpiece. Through the lie of evolution and the globe, Satan has convinced the world God does not exist. And through the media he has brainwashed the world into accepting his morals and his lies of a globe earth, where we are but specks of nothing that came from nothing in a vast universe.

The Bible is God’s Word and the foundation for truth. The Bible also describes a non-moving earth set on a firm foundation with a close sun and moon circling around and above the earth inside a glass firmament. The flat earth is God’s creation. 


Scientific proof the earth is flat:

Ten Undeniable Proofs the Earth is Flat

Satan’s Global Lie and the Truth of the Flat Earth
Jesus came to die for each of us on this flat earth 2000 years ago so that we could have the opportunity to reject Satan’s kingdom and gain Eternal life through Christ’s sacrifice in our place. The truth is in God’s Word.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6

60 Bible verses that support a flat earth:

Bible Prophecy Revealed: Studies in Revelation:

Evidence that the Bible is God’s word:

The flat earth described throughout Scripture:


10 thoughts on “The Bible’s Truth and Accuracy vs. Satan’s “Global” Deceptions”

  1. The bible is NOT the infallible word of God. The bible is for sale. God’s word never has been and never will be for sale. The bible has some of the infallible word of God included in it, but it is also missing complete books and has had verses and words added to it.

    The famine for the word of God described in Amos 8:11-12 is coming soon and our bibles are going to be worthless. The Mandela Effect is already changing the words and in time, the bible will be worded for the Antichrist, leading many astray.

    We have the Jews to thank for sticking a price tag on our incomplete bibles because of their love for money. They conspired with Rome to invent Catholicism and “canonize” our current bibles, leaving out many books and adding their own pagan perversions.

    So before you read your bible, please ask our Heavenly Father for wisdom, discernment, and guidance to His true Word and those books missing from the current canon.

    God bless you all.

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  2. Randall, I couldn’t agree more, the strong delusion is in full effect as more and more nonsense verses, lies, and emoticons?! are being added to the bibles. Jesus Christ is the Word, and we must cling to Him in these hours. However, I do agree before the mandela or quantum effect or strong delusion, the textus receptus in the Greek and Masoretic text of the Hebrew had been faithfully passed down thru the ages as truth, though I do agree some books from the apocrypha should have probably been left in. Jesus quoted from the book of Enoch for example, though one must be careful because there’s a book of Enoch that the luciferians claim too. But yes, the bible has now been corrupted, and the famine is just going to keep getting worse. The good thing about it is that God is still in control, and they’re giving their secrets away with the changes they’re making. For example, they have changed, in many verses, “four corners” to “four quarters”, thus revealing their global lie for those with ears to hear and eyes to see. Also, in Isaiah 11:6 now where it says “a little child shall lead them”, I have a hankering that this is Prince George, though it hurts my heart to think of a child as the antichrist. 😦


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