Visual Proof of the Close Flat Earth Sun; NASA is LYING!!!

We’ve been told all our lives that the sun is 92.96 million miles away with a circumference of 2,713,406 miles. We are told millions of earth’s could fit inside the sun, and that our sun is just a close star that we orbit around. But if you look closely and observe the Sun’s light and rays, you will see that our reality is much different than what we’ve been told. We have been indoctrinated into a massive lie. All you have to do is look and see the truth with your eyes.


Here is visual proof of the close, small flat earth sun. Maybe the sun looks close because it IS CLOSE!!! See the truth with your eyes and stop believing NASA’s Satanic lies! 

Satan’s Global Lie

Proof of the flat earth sun:

1. Crepuscular rays shoot out from clouds at angles and converge somewhere above the clouds. Clearly the sun is NOT 93 million miles away. If it was, the rays would all be coming in at 90 degree angles. The only way the sun’s rays could create crepuscular rays is if it was close and small. 



2. In these pictures you can see sun’s hot spot directly underneath the sun on the clouds and water. How is it possible for a sun 93 million miles away to create a single spot of light directly underneath it? ITS NOT! You can experiment with this using a flashlight. The farther away the flashlight is from the floor, the more widely distributed the light is. The closer it is the more you can see the condensed circle of bright light. The sun is clearly right above the clouds here:

Here you can see the sun’s light concentrated directly above the clouds. The clouds right underneath the sun have dissipated from the heat. If the sun was 93 million miles away the light and heat would be evenly distributed. The sun is close!!!

  This is incredible footage from a ballon camera. The sun is right there!!!


3. In time lapse video of the sun you can see the sun getting smaller as it goes farther away and larger as it comes close. If it was truly 93 million miles away, you would not see a change in size in such a small parallax of distance. 

 Time Lapse of the Sun Proves Flat Earth

4. You can see that the sun’s light on the horizon is illuminating locally and not widely distributed. This is only possible if the light source is close. You can see here that the sun’s light is illuminating the horizon almost the same as a bright city on the horizon. If the sun was 93 million miles away, the light would fill the entire horizon evenly. But this is not the case.  The sun is clearly close and small.


More flat earth proof: 

Ten Undeniable Proofs the Earth is Flat


39 thoughts on “Visual Proof of the Close Flat Earth Sun; NASA is LYING!!!”

  1. Pssst… That “hot spot” you’re looking at is caused by the curvature of the earth — because the earth is spherical, and gravity is holding our atmosphere in to relatively fixed distance from the center of mass, is is creating a lensing effect.

    Science … it really is worth looking into.

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      1. You are so dumb if you think earth is flat,have you ever asked yourself why do we have different time zones?Just think about it if earth was flat there wouldn’t be so many different time zones between continents but one,stupid.


    1. Intuitively I know a bubble cannot exist in a vacuum unless the bubble is enclosed . The gravity that allows birds to take off could not possibly hold onto the atmosphere against the vacuum of space .


    2. We’re is the curve on the picture clearly showing the heat spot on a flat plane. Maybe you should use common sense and your eyes. The earth is flat it’s a plane fact.

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    3. There is no curvature anywhere ever recorded. ALL curvature tests yield absolutely NONE. The earth is motionless, flat, and sealed.

      Anything outside of this is a distraction.


  2. I could newer buy into round earth and there is one more question: if sun is so hot why is so much colder in the mountains, closer to the sun?

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    1. Because the atmosphere, that works as an insulating layer (glass in a green house) is so much thinner. It’s such a small difference in distance, not that much closer that it makes any difference. Only a couple kilometers compared to the avarage distance of 150 million kilometers to the sun.


  3. hi,
    I’m doing an essay for Biblical proof of a flat enclosed system. Would I be able to use any of your graphics in my presentation?



  4. I feel very sad when I see things like this. Im not gonna bash You everybody can have an opinion and a belief that gets them through life.
    Its the ignorance that saddens me. The absolute unwillingness to explore and challenge your own believes and dogmas.
    Its usually a mental illness when you are holding a fixed, false belief despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

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    1. hmmm leaving aside weither it’s true or false ,what you are saying is contradictory ,you are talking about people who are trying to figure out the truth by their OWN experiments while you are just reading science books and simply believing what you read -_-


    2. Have you ever personally seen this round earth? From space? If not, then I implore you STFU. We could have just as easily been sold a lie about the earth, based on what we see with the moon and sun above us. Lastly, does it make more sense that a sun, 93 million miles away, would just happen to be the same size as the moon to cause eclipses OR would it make more sense to have them be the same size working together and THAT’S why eclipses occur? Food for thought…


  5. I personally dont care about your theories, i think that you are clearly a religious idiot.
    But what would you say, is the reason nasa is lying? What would be the point?


      1. Who are you quoting?
        “The wise man is one who, knows, what he does not know.”

        ― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching
        That’s a quote, after the you’ve finished the sentence you insert a hyphen and the name of person who you are quoting.
        So who said that?


  6. I beleive this “globe theory” was created to keep The proof of a God and creator from the people to coincide with evolution, science and extraterrestrial beings….ALL FALSE. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

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    1. The more that you try to convince them about the BS that the masses have been force fed, the more that they actually resist! I think that THIS very thing is what is going to separate the people with an open mind willing to learn, and discern, and the other people that have weak coping mechanisms and hence quite weak characters, so much so that they would even deny their very own common sense, more and more, until one day they will not be able to take it any further! THEN only God knows what they would try to do!!
      You cannot say then that we did not warn them now!!
      I’ll leave you with a saying about these totally irrational thinkers with stubborn pigheaded attitudes: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”
      Mark Twain.


  7. Nahhh… Sun Is Too Big, It’s More Like It Need More Than 1 Million Earths To Compare The Sun Size, and The Earth Orbit Is Too Far From Sun (150 Million Km Distance From Sun) And Sun Is Too Bright On Hot, And Because That You See Sun Is Looks Near But, It’s Just A Sun’s Corona, And If Sun Is Near Earth… Why There’s No Dark/Night In North Pole For 6 Month? Why There Are Moon Phases (New Moon, Waxing Crescent, Third Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, First Quarter, and Waning Crescent)?


    1. The sun appears the same size at sunrise, noon and sunset.

      If the sun were only 3000 miles above the earth and the equator is 24,000 mile circle, at noon it would be 3000 miles away. At sunrise and sunset it would be 3000 miles high and 12,000 miles away and appear about 1/4 as big as at noon.

      You can prove the sun appears the same size by putting a filter on your camera and taking three photos. Or hold a pea or aspirin at arm’s length. The sun is always the same size because it’s 93 million miles away.


      1. Another member of the Funny Math club. It’s amazing that you can claim that the Sun at 3000 miles high and 12000 miles away would appear 1/4 the size as at noon. How big then would the Sun appear at 93 million miles away, genius?


  8. Your first picture disproves flat earth model. Why? In Your model the sun is 3000 miles above land. How high are the clouds on the picture? Lets say 2 miles above land. So according to Your way of thinking, the top of the red triangle is maybe 3 miles above land. So which is it? 3 miles or 3000 miles? This shows how totally wrong You are.


  9. The earth is flat, the Sun is close and small yet very intense. Gravity is Bullshit, evolution is bullshit. Get over it dickheads.


  10. Did you ever think about the fact that the the earths atmosphere bends light? There is no atmosphere in space, therefore light can travel easier. The atmosphere acts like a giant lens, bending the light. And what shape is a lens? Round.


  11. You are right about the Sun…. However the earth is not flat but rather on a geocentric model as this would fit with Every verse in the scriptures and not Most verses. God Bless you All….. This means Paradise is Real too !!!! Just Love what Christ did for you in paying the price for your whole life’s sins over 2,000 yrs ago.


  12. What a bunch of lame attempts to validate, the science lie by those who refuse to give up the ghost on the spinning water ball.


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