Introduction to the Flat Earth, How it Works, and Why We Believe It 

If this is your first time hearing about the flat earth, your first reaction may be like most people: shock, laughter, scoffing, and avoidance. But the Flat Earth Movement is exploding like wildfire and it’s not because it’s just cool or a good distraction. Surprisingly the Flat Earth belief is backed by solid science and undeniable visual evidence. 
So what is the Flat Earth all about and how does it work? 


The Earth

The Flat Earth is set on a flat non-moving stationary foundation (1 Samuel 2:8; 1 Chronicles 16:30; Psalms 93:1; Psalms 96: 9-11). All the continents center around the North Pole and are surrounded by Ocean. Surrounding the flat earth 360 degrees on all sides is Antarctica. It is also known as the Antarctic ice wall and has been measured at 200 ft high and and thousands of miles long. Captain Cook sailed along the ice wall for 60,000 miles and never found an inlet. Bet you never heard about that in your history books.

 The South Pole Does Not Exist


The Dome
There are different opinions on what is above the flat earth, but the general flat earth belief is that the earth’s sky is surrounded by a sky dome the holds in the air and protects us. The Bible says it is made of glass (Job 37:18). The Bible clearly describes a firm dome (firmament) IN which the sun and moon were placed (Genesis 1:14-19).


There is actually real evidence of the dome. Edwin Hubble admitted in his book, The Observational Approach to Cosmolgy , that the observable Universe was small and curved all around us like a sky dome. He couldn’t explain it but ignored it like he did the evidence for Geocentrsm.

Hubble Admitted NO Evidence to Support the Big Bang Theory; ALL Evidence Supports Geocentrism

The Glass Sky: Evidence of the Firmament of the Flat Earth

The sun and Moon

The sun and moon are close and small and are located inside the dome. They circle around and above the flat earth creating day and night and the seasons. 

How the Four Seasons Work on Flat Earth

Sunset, sunrise, time zones explained on flat earth

Because the sun is quite small compared to earth and because of vanishing points and perspective, we can’t see the sun when it has circled to the other part of flat earth. That is what causes day and night. 


Proof of the Close Flat Earth Sun: NASA IS LYING!

Many of your flat earth questions can be answered here:

Flat Earth Frequently Asked Questions

Please do your own research! 

Top Ten Undeniable Proofs the Earth Is Flat


1.) Fake NASA CGI Photos

There are many reasons why we believe the earth is flat. One reason is that we do NOT believe NASA is telling us the truth. Besides the fact that NASA has a very suspicious Satanic occult history, there are many inconsistencies and obvious lies fed to us by this self proclaimed authority on space exploration. First of all their “pictures” of ball earth are anything but realistic. They are all Computer Graphic Images (CGI) or paintings. In some of them you can even see the cloned clouds because someone used the cloning tool on their computer animation of the ball. 

NASA has recently claimed that earth is actually an oblate spheroid that is more pear shaped. Yet in all their “pictures” of earth, it is a perfect sphere. Someone IS LYING!!

The Bible’s Truth and Accuracy vs. Satan’s Global Deceptions

2.) Visual Evidence that we live on a flat plane: NO CURVATURE!

The second reason we are confident that the earth is not a spinning ball is because of what we actually see and experience. The earth appears to be flat and non-moving. As far as you can see the earth looks flat. If there is a curve then where is it? 


Even from 114,000 feet the earth is flat!

Amazing flat earth balloon footage from 114,000 ft

 For more questions on the curve and how to find it (or not find it):

The Measurable Non-Curvature of the Earth

3.) Water always finds it’s level. 

Water does not curve on large surfaces. It ALWAYS finds its level! The water in the ocean appears flat because it IS FLAT!

4.)  The sun is clearly close and small
Time Lapse of the Sun Proves the Flat Earth

 5.) The flat earth is Biblical!

 The Bible clearly describes a stationary non-moving earth inside a glass dome (firmament) with a sun and moon placed inside the firmament as lights for day and night.

60 Bible Verses Describing a Flat Earth inside a Dome

More Proof and Resources for Research:

200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball

Flat Earth Tides and the Electromagnetism of the Sun and Moon

Perspective on Flat earth explains Day and Night

Flat Earth: Gravity is a Hoax

Airy’s Failure: Proof that Earth is not Moving

Bedford Level Experiment: Proof Earth Has No Curvature

Michelson-Morley Experiment (disregard Aether, apply Galilean Relativity and instead of light being relative to “everything” the Earth is simply not moving)
Proof Earth is NOT Moving

 Flat Earth Curvature Test
Crepuscular Rays Prove the Flat Earth

128 thoughts on “Introduction to the Flat Earth, How it Works, and Why We Believe It ”

  1. I not a firm believer in a flat earth or a round earth per say. It makes little difference in how we live our lives in these end of days, & is a trivial subject to get all bent out of shape arguing about when children are starving & innocents are being murdered all around us daily! Though, I do enjoy a good debate, & this one is better than most. LOL However, one thing I don’t really understand is this. If the earth is flat, how do satellites function seeing as how the science and math and physics theories that put them up there in the first place are obviously flawed?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If I may:
      1. “It makes little difference in how we live our lives in these end of days,”
      Truth = Faith = Godliness. Flat earth truth has meant a lot to many unbelievers who turned to the bible. I had one FE Atheist friend who said. “I have learnt enough about the flat earth part in the Bible… I need to start from the beginning of It.” This is what God said about His creation…
      Rom 1:20 – For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:
      2. “innocents are being murdered all around us daily”
      True ans that makes us part of Prophecy (truth) and we should continue in it. You see Tracy… we live as if life is short… it is NOT. Life is eternal. EITHER in Heaven or in Hell. Spread the truth! SOW SOW SOW..
      3. Satellites? (if I understand the question) There are not any. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So how you can see satelites sometimes moving across the sky at night? Elaborate flying machines by Nasa to fool us? I thought you guys were all about “seeing is believing”


    2. I think you are wrong about flat earth being trivial, if it is flat, it opens up a giant can of worms about all the lies & deception. If the earth is as the Bible says it is, that means intelligent creation, not man coming from primordial ooze that randomly mutated trillions of times. I wonder about satellites, and I am thinking that since the Bible (God’s Word) describes it like glass, maybe they just reflect off the “glass” firmament.


  2. No offence to any religion but i myself strongly believe in the flat earth not because of sny religion but of my own research and questions i have against the idea that it instead is a perfect round globe.
    Religion, the word itself has become so corrupted that no one likes to get associated with it even though all religions are great.
    People would get convinced easier and strongly if the concept of flat earth is void of any religious beliefs. We should try to prove it with more facts than just pushing it religiously.

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    1. Wow… I love the idea that the earth looks like a delicious cake.
      But I am pretty sure it is not flat, despite my love of cake


    2. The truth is the truth. You’ll never convince anyone using pure scripture. You have to use their ownscience, but true science. The thing most don’t realize Is that thisis a religion. They tell us who we are. What were worth. Where we’re headed. They take a% of our $ each week to tell us of the place they’re preparing for us up inthe heavens for the day this earth will surely end. We fund their mission trips as they tell us they can l Ave whwas b truthis Jesus Christ isout inly way out. It’s impossible to see flat earth and not believe in a Creatir. The reason the globe was created was to hide Him.
      The sun moon & stars like a well designed timepiece. The firmament & the waters above creating the prism that creates rainbows. It’s arch show us architecture & how to hold weight. We can measure the d mustache of stars bybthe echo heard in thunderstorms. We can navigate by the stars. The only reason rain precipitation work is bc of the dome. We live in an enclosed ecosystem that balances & takes care of itself without Intervention.


  3. ”’s so sad to know thst in 21’st we dont know where we live and with all technology and BS.. how does it like for real, while people waiting to know the truth and to research it, it’s forbiden instead of free and safe exploration..”


  4. This is crazy … If people had photographs from space, which they do (and I dont believe your everythings photoshopped thing) … how come fom outeer space you see different parts of the earth, depending on the angle you are looking at it from .. if it was flat you would either see all of the earth masses at once, O some of them would be on teh bottom of the disc you are speaking about … whcih cwoouldnt make sense ! the fact that the land masses curve off over the edge must mean it is round/ Seondly satellite are programmed to travel AROUND the earth … not back and forth acros one side of it … therfore they take different photographs according to which side they are on, and teh land masses change accordingly . How on earth (scuese the pun ) would you explain a flat earth theiry on this bsis . and why would someone wish to fool you into believeing the earth is round … if it wasnt for what purpose ?
    ALso every other planet in teh solar system is round .. why would earth be any differnt .. ?


    1. You can watch the other ’round’ planets through a telescope and you will find that they are not that round and not that stable after all. There is NOT ONE genuine photograph that you can find of planet earth to show even just 50% of its ’roundness’. Just ‘different photographs according to which side they are on, and THATs WHY teh land masses change accordingly.” 🙂 All of the pictures are digitally ‘drawn’ and you should question why sizes and details of ‘their’ earth changes from picture to picture overtime. Do a FLAT FACTS VS ROUND FACTS and decide for yourself which makes sense to you. Remember that day back in primary school when they first told you the earth was round? And you were like…WHAT !??!!! They planted that theory early thats why its very hard to erase 😦 Happy research brother and hope you find peace in this issue 🙂

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    2. Stop question whith what you have been told from the scientists that may or may not have tell us the truth and start thinking for yourself. For the flat earth there are no satellites for the glob earth 🌎 they exist… so you can’t ask questions about flat earth. Whith what you have learned from your childhood education. Start searching for your own . Is the only think you can do

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  5. Hey there.
    I’ve been to Antarctica twice and flown at altitude above the continent. And there is no big wall around it or edge in sight. You can go there yourself if you want. Fly from New Zealand.


  6. I find this to be very interesting and the “facts” that are given do make sense. To me it’s like using common sense to decide. And common sense should just be more common. I think people don’t like to think outside the “box” because it’s scary and they are afraid of looking foolish for thinking something other then what the majority thinks. Anything we do not understand or don’t know scares us and we shy away from it, generally speaking. We just don’t know what we don’t know. I don’t get why we would be told one thing from the beginning that it was round and why if that was not true they would feel the need to make us continue to believe this. What does it really matter to most people anyway. I don’t think most people really care either way. It may spark some to explore and find the “edge”.
    Another thing that I find interesting is if we go higher say up a mountain, why does it get colder if we are getting closer to the sun? And if we are higher up closer to the sun why is it snowing up on the mountain but not when you are at the base of the mountain? Maybe there is a good reason for this that I don’t know. Does it have something to do with the air thickness or what?
    And I live in Arizona, it’s freaking hot as hell here. It’s always hotter then everywhere else it seems. So why is it so much hotter here all the time if the round earth is turning? Are we so much closer to the sun? Not according to the elevation level?
    Another thing I would like to question is all the drilling we do on the planet. We are forever taking stuff out of the ground and what is being put to replace it? Are we just leaving big empty voids where there used to be something and how long will the planet hold up with all the empty voids, it has to weaken the structure some how? If you mKe a ball of rock and dirt and all the stuff earth is made up from and start putting holes in it and removing stuff from in inside it, I would think it would start to crumble over time.
    The water on earth is a good point to look at, why the waves move and storms make such high waves that span out in all directions, how would the round planet explain how they move like they do? The flat earth makes more sense in that case also.
    There maybe a simple reason that explains all the things I mentioned above and I’m just not aware of them. Either way this is where we all live and we need to take better care of it if it’s round or flat.
    I’m just saying!☺️🙃

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  7. Tend to lean towards flat earth beliefs over round earth. Seen different arguments for each and the flat earth seems to be more believable to me. One thing I haven’t seen answered, or at least not in a believable way, is how do flat earthers account for 24 hour sun in Alaska. I can believe the sun rotates around a flat disk but what causes or enables the 24 hour sun in Alaska? Curious to hear a good explanation. Thanks.


    1. Since the sun is rotating around the North Pole, when it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere the sun in closer, rotating on the Tropic of Cancer. When you are near the center of earth, you can see the sun rotating around you 24 hours a day because you are watching the sun rotate around the flat plane from a center vantage point. Here’s a video that explains how the sun works and shoes footage of the 24 hour sun in Alaska and shows how it works.


    1. Probably, because they don’t fly that far and yet to encounter it. Also, I’m not aware of any aircraft reaching that point.


  8. Ok..this is my opinion about flat earth..i was confused about what is actually the earth in real,but i like if it really flat.But what i wanna say here i don’t’ agree don’t believe that the earth is spinning around and the sun is just smile and located in millions first reason is about the wheater.Its how the countries in equator line is so hotter than the countriies on north,above the tropic of cancer or extremely north and south pole. just forget about the small effect about light convection. So the sun with million km away lost their energy in few kilometres???.(i mean equator to north country and north/south pole).At the morning and evening they was the same distance relative to i agree the sun is just close to us,that’s why equator become so hot and south/north pole is so 2. is about acceleration and anti we know that someone driving the F1 with 300km/h will lost their weight about if we shoot a bullet stright to the sky,that mean series in gravity line(up/down).the bullet at first accelerate and then become 0 km/h and go down.If the eart is spinning, the bullet should be fall down on different point that we had shoot strigt up before,may be it fall 10m in front of us,but i think not.the bullet will fall down in our head.(just forget about constant movement like helicopter, becouse gravity is also bring it together with its spinning according to gravity theory).So the eart is not spinning,but the sun is rounding(not spinning) the earth with the same view angel,That is moon also with faster than the sun becouse it is more close to the earth and also we can see it in same moon Albert Einstein have had talked about space and time that mean different speed in space have different time.But look to the earth if it spin.for example i live in equator is spin more quickly and far distance than person who live In Japan and north Russia.But the is just same measure in minutes or our.The weight is also same.It should be different on time and weight according to movement and gravity axis.I think the earth ,moon and sun is like a atom modern theoris that electron is moving around the positive atom and nucleus. so the earth is here is positive atom.About the edge of the world…they can’t make a resource becouse there is dark side or black material there with no sunlight and so cold that make the iron like a biscuit. NASA have told us before there is much more dark material (invisible object than the light material,visible object in this universe).that’s all tq


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